Marijuana Seeds - Sour Diesel Seeds

One of the most famous American marijuana strains Sour Diesel seeds With it's unique sour lemon and diesel fuel taste its become well-known the world over. It may not sound appetizing, but take a few blasts and make your taste buds tingle, and that's just the beginning.....

Sour Diesel seeds were created using a combination of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics, the dominant Sativa heritage can make the plants grow as tall as 250 cm, given optimum conditions. Indoors, the height can be controlled using Super-cropping techniques to enhance the yield.

Flowering times are good for a Sativa marijuana strain, requiring an average of 68 days to fully flower and mature, Patience is rewarded though with impressive indoor yields of between 450-650 grams of the highest quality marijuana buds per square meter, and huge yields from tall, outdoor plants, the harvests are well worth the wait.

Sour Diesel seeds are highly prized, with the marijuana buds often commanding some of the highest prices due to it's 'moorish' aroma and flavor. It's aromatic and tasty buds produce high THC levels of approximately 18% producing a high that's sociable and energizing.

As well as the recreational attributes of Sour Diesel seeds, the buds also have medical applications, assisting in combating stress, anxiety, chronic pain and nausea without the paranoid effects often associated with high levels of THC.

Sour Diesel seeds are feminized and only grow to be female plants.

The Diesel came from a seed that was discovered in a bag of the insanely delightful Colorado Indica known as ChemDawg. Two close friends met on a Grateful Dead tour in 1991, and a pound of the majestic ChemDawg, whose own lineage is nevertheless considered somewhat of a secret, containing twelve seeds made its way to Massachusetts.

The father of these seeds, this much is known: The person who had the ChemDawg in Colorado was developing only ChemDawg, so the father was probably a ChemDawg male or hermaphrodite. The seeds found in the legendary pound bag had been germinated, and from these seeds arrived some really exceptional marijuana.

At this point, yet another excellent buddy was met on a Phish tour, and cuttings of the wonderful ChemDawg offspring had been passed on to this blessed new good friend. The new growers, from New York City, did not like the title ChemDawg, so they started calling it The Diesel. This is the Diesel that some of us are blessed enough to know and enjoy these days.

A few years afterwards, a Super Skunk x Sensi Northern Lights was crossed with the newly named Diesel, and as a result Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, and Diesel #1 had been created. Soon soon after that, a hermaphrodite Massachusetts Super Skunk pollinated the Diesel, and from the seeds created, the Sour Diesel was born. Then there is OG Kush, which is a sister to Sour Diesel.

The point that I adore so significantly about the original Diesel and its hybrids is the after-taste. Do not get me wrong, the exhalation is almost orgasmic, but it is after the smoke stops coming out that you notice a bitter fuel taste that just coats your complete mouth and throat.

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