Learn About Purple Haze Marijuana Seeds

With it's unique coloring Purple Haze seeds offer marijuana growers something different to grow in their garden. Created using a combination of dominant 70% Sativa to 30% Indica genetics. This results in heavy yields of approximately 550 grams of high quality marijuana buds per square meter, requiring 65 days of flowering to completely mature.

Plants develop dense, long running buds that display bright green leaves and bright orange hairs. Towards the end of the flowering period the buds may turn purple, given the right situation, such as a cold temperature but pleasant environment.

The buds can smell slightly musky, although once dried and cured they take on a sweet, almost fruity flavor, THC levels are good, averaging between 17-19%

The high is complex with an energetic buzz. Soaring and euphoric with an almost psychedelic effect, that shouldn't be treated lightly, until the Indica buzz begins, with it's relaxing, calming properties.

Purple Haze provides effective relief for severe pain, as well as an aid for combating depression, anxiety, ADHD and a range of other ailments and conditions.

Buy Purple Haze seeds and forget about sexing your marijuana plants. All our Purple Haze seeds are feminized and 100% guaranteed to produce female-only plants.

Purple Haze gets its identify from the well-known track by Jimi Hendrix and its purple buds. Purple Haze is not only recognized for its purple color, but also an abundance of white trichomes (tiny resin secreting stalks/hairs) and it's high potency. Generally, the original 100% Sativa Purple Haze is considered a myth, all marijuana strains are said to be able to develop purple flowers given the optimum environment. Our stunning Purple Haze is a cross amongst different Haze strains and an Afghan Indica, as a result of which the flowering period of time is shortened to 63 days. It has the thick resin generation of an Indica, but the increasing buzz of a Sativa. Purple Haze is composed of 70% Sativa and thirty percent Indica.

Purple Haze seeds are not tough to develop, whether you do it indoors or outdoor. The Dutch local weather is exceptional for Purple Haze, as it is accustomed to blooming in the colder temperatures. It is specifically these chilly temperatures that give it its beautiful darkish green, purple and lavender buds. Colour-wise, Purple Haze is an exception, since it is much darker than most Sativa marijuana plants. These Purple Haze seeds do not grow very tall, but do grow to be really stunning, with prolonged, running buds that are coated with sticky white trichomes. Even though the plant by itself doesn't develop to be tall, its yield is rewarding.

Purple Haze has a refined scent for the duration of it's growth, which is much stronger and richer when the buds are cut and dried. The smell is musty, yet sweet. The taste }is almost woody, sandalwood to be precise, yet also sweet a bit like grapes.

Purple Haze seeds generate marijuana plants that offer a quite strong Sativa buzz, which rapidly arrives up and lasts for a long time. I feel extremely happy soon after using Purple Haze. I have come to feel the love of men and women flowing by way of my body and I can feel the music.

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