Feminized OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush seeds are almost pure Indica, with only a 5% blend of Sativa genetics, this keeps the plant short and compact, growing between 25 cm to 100 cm tall. OG Kush is a well-known medical Marijuana in many of the medical marijuana dispensaries, known to provide relief from stress, anxiety and tension, nausea, depression and a host of other ailments and conditions.

These premium quality OG Kush seeds are all feminized, meaning you will grow only female marijuana plants, wasting no time, energy or space on males.

The disputed area known as the Hindu Kush shares its boundaries with Pakistan and Afghanistan just north of Indian-managed Jammu and Kashmir. The location has long been acknowledged for its ongoing conflicts as well as its historical past of hashish generation. Some areas of the famous Himalayas mountain range, the fertile valleys and hillsides of the Hindu Kush have, for centuries, made the world's finest hash. Many years of all-natural and human selection for the most resinous, indica-dominant strains have resulted in short, stocky bushes coated with enormous, shiny trichomes.

In the nineteen sixties and early 1970s, intrepid travellers on the €œHippie Trail€ (such as members of the Brotherhood of Everlasting Love) returned to the US, Canada and Europe with primo seeds and began developing Afghani, Skunk and Kush strains in earnest. Sadly, in 1973, bowing to pressure from the United States, the newly self-appointed president of Afghanistan, who took over in a bloodless coup in opposition to the long-serving and hashish-friendly Afghan king, declared the creation and sale of hashish illegal. He was overthrown by Afghan Communists in 1978, and the nation was invaded by the Soviets in 1979, sparking an additional 30 years of warfare and bloodshed that carry on to this day.

The Afghani cannabis of the pre-war period continues to be famous between more mature heads, and the strains that it spawned modified the hashish growing scene totally. The indica-dominant genetics shortened common flowering lengths of time, making it possible for marijuana plants to be developed all the way up to Alaska. In the process, the notion of €œhome-grown altered from a term of derision to a position of pleasure.

Many Kush strains have received prizes for their breeders at the annual pot-tasting festival in Amsterdam each and every November. From the first Skunks of the nineteen eighties to the Kushage, Vanilla and Kaia Kush of the present period, the strains potency and flavor are simple. Although Haze versions dominate the sativa group in the seed-bank contest, Kushes traditionally prevail amid the indicas. Kush strains have also presented the genetic foundation for many perennial winners that don€™t have the phrase €œKush€ in their names, including White Widow, Sensi Star and AK 47.

Breeders know that one of the very best ways to wow discerning judges is to use genetics laden with Afghani heritage. Long prized for its medicinal attributes, this is the bud known for its couch-lock stone,€“ a perfect strain for an enjoyable nightcap, but also one in particular capable of altering all your strategies when puffed at mid-day. The extreme citrus taste, skunky odor and very long-lasting stone aren't soon forgotten.

The Kush and the High Times Cannabis Cup have a extended and storied heritage €“ one in particular that™s guaranteed to continue for many years to come.

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