Best Quality Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights seeds are a true taste of one of the finest strains available, and an ever popular form of Marijuana and Cannabis in all the Amsterdam Coffee-shops. This fabulous strain offers a blend of medicinal and recreational benefits that can satisfy all types of users.

Northern Lights seeds are an Indica dominant hybrid strain with 90% Indica and 10% Sativa genetics. THC levels are high, at approximately 18%, which produced a strong body-stone and slight euphoric sensation. Overall it can wipe you out and leave you couch-locked though.

Perfect for the indoor beginner grower, and a great strain to master, with short, squat plants, reaching between 100 cm – 130 cm tall with broad Indica leaves and resinous buds. A perfect strain for either screen of green, or sea of green super-cropping techniques where it's high bud to leaf ratio can excel.

A colorful strain with red, white and orange hairs and light green buds. Northern Lights emits a sweet and spicy aroma and complex flavor. A heavy coating of crystals cover all the buds and leaves, even some of the large fan leaves have a splattering.

Grown indoors, Northern Lights seeds require just 60 days to flower and completely mature, and with yields of 350 grams – 450 grams per square meter easily obtainable to even the novice grower, it's one of the reasons why Northern Lights seeds are so popular.

A good strain for medical Marijuana users, Northern Lights can help with Insomnia, anxiety, migraines, PMS and a host of other conditions and ailments.

Northern Lights seeds are all feminized Cannabis seeds, so all the plants you grow will become female only plants.

Since the mid-eighties, Northern Lights seeds have established the level of quality by which Indica strains are judged. With varied genetics stemming from eleven different authentic marijuana plants, Northern Lights marijuana has been bred and crossed from the very first day it arrived in Holland, influencing the development of many of the very best Indica dominant hybrids and delivering stable genetics with strong THC levels in all its offspring.

Northern Lights seeds have been widely shared since their earliest days, and it is difficult to say who, if anybody, still has possession of the originals. Northern Lights seeds have turned out to be practically a generic title, employed to explain any of the authentic 11 Northern Light plants and the many connected strains that had been bred from them.

The unique Northern Lights plants were pure Indica's or Indica dominant crosses. Although every single one of the eleven original plants given the name had distinctive qualities, they matched a standard phenotype: squat, rarely in excess of 4 feet tall, bushy with heavy, broad fingered leaves and deep green color. The result is a deep physical stone with a nice cerebral buzz. From it's creation Northern Lights was appreciated for its medicinal applications as a pain reliever, sedative and appetite stimulant.

At some stage early in its history, Northern Lights was crossed with some strong Sativa genes. This is probably where its renowned euphoric mental effects arrived from. It is possible that some of the first eleven plants were actually Northern Lights hybrids that had already been crossed and contained Sativa genes.

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