The History Of Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds

Northern Northern Lights Seeds Lights seeds offer growers of all experience levels, the opportunity to grow one of the finest strains available in the Amsterdam Coffee-shop’s. culminating in a lazy stoned feeling.

Perfect for the indoor beginner grower, and a great strain to master, The plants will grow to approximately 100-130 cm tall, producing large shade leaves and dense, resin coated buds. A perfect strain for either screen of green, or sea of green super-cropping techniques where it's high bud to leaf ratio can excel.

As maturity approaches Northern Lights marijuana plants are colorful with, red, white and orange hairs covering the light green buds. Northern Lights emits a sweet and spicy aroma and complex flavor. While THC crystals coat every available surface, including some larger fan leaves.

Grown indoors, Northern Lights seeds require just 60 days to flower and completely mature, both experienced and new growers can expect good yields, between 350-450 grams per square meter, it's one of the reasons why Northern Lights seeds are so popular.

Medium CBD levels make Northern Lights seeds a good strain for medical marijuana users, assisting in reducing migraines, PMS, stress and anxiety and many more ailments and conditions.

Forget about male plants, all these Northern Lights seeds are feminized, producing female-only plants.

Created in the mid-eighties, Northern Lights seeds have established the bench-mark by which Indica strains are judged. With varied genetics stemming from eleven different unique marijuana plants, Northern Lights marijuana has been bred and crossed from the day it arrived in Holland, influencing the improvement of many of the very best Indica dominant hybrids and providing stable genes with strong THC levels in all its offspring.

The plants have been widely shared since their earliest days, and it is tough to say who, if anybody, even now has possession of the originals. Northern Lights seeds have turned out to be virtually a generic title, employed to explain any of the authentic eleven Northern Light plants and the numerous connected strains that ended up being bred from them.

The unique Northern Lights seeds were pure Indica's or Indica dominant crosses. While each and every one of the eleven original plants given the name had distinct qualities, they matched a basic phenotype: squat, seldom above four feet tall, bushy with hefty, wide fingered leaves and deep green color. The impact is a deep body stone with a pleasurable cerebral buzz. From it's beginnings Northern Lights was appreciated for its medicinal applications as a discomfort reliever, sedative and appetite stimulant.

At some stage early in its historical past, Northern Lights was crossed with some strong Sativa genes. This is most likely where its popular euphoric mental high arrived from. It is achievable that some of the first eleven plants had been actually Northern Lights hybrids that had already been crossed and contained Sativa genes. In several Northern Lights versions there are occasional Sativa phenotypes which pop up as testimony to the early breeding of the plant. In strains in which these phenotypes are more frequent, it is usually due to the fact the breeder included more Sativa genes to the strain later.

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