Feminized Jack Herer Seeds

Originally named after the American campaigner for the legalization of Marijuana, Jack Herer Seeds have established themselves as a high quality feminized Marijuana strain. The buds from Jack Herer seeds are hard and dense, with only a few flowers, which turn to a deep shade of red as the plant matures. The high is euphoric and 'haze-like' with a sweet skunk smell and flavor.

Grown indoors under good conditions, Jack Herer seeds will require approximately 60 days to fully flower and mature. Harvests are good, approximately 450-550 grams per square meter, given good environmental conditions.

The marijuana produced from Jack Herer seeds contains high levels of CBD and is a very popular choice for many users. A good natural way to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as migraines, ADHD, PTSD and arthritis.

Banish male plants from your indoor garden with these feminized Marijuana seeds. Producing female only plants, these Jack Herer seeds remove the guess-work in sexing your plants.

Jack Herer seeds are a 3 way hybrid bred by crossing a Northern Lights #five with a Skunk #one, then subsequently crossing that with a Haze cannabis plant. The goal of the growers that bred Jack Herer was to make a fifty percent haze cross that kept the qualities of pure haze, although shortening the unpleasant 6 month flowering time that a complete blooded Haze cannabis plant demands. Approximate lineage share: fifty percent haze, 37.5% NL#5 and 12.5% SK#1.

Lengthy finger like leaves and nugs with quite dense grape-cluster bud formation. The nugs look light green thanks to the severe frosty resin coating. The handful of hairs that are seen on the buds are brick pink.
There are a lot of stalks/trichomes covering the bud's area, that there is no plant matter visible. The brick red hairs are even coated with complete headed trichomes. The trichomes are the hues of ripened perfection. The stocked trichomes have produced a conical head, and are still transparent with a cloudy opaque look to them. After a handful of trichomes have started to flip to amber and diminish, the buds have achieved peak THC production.

The aroma is new, flowery and fruity, with peppery/natural undertones. The taste on inhalation is sweet, flowery and spicy, with flavors of fermented fruit, pine and pepper, with very pungent undertones.

The consequences are quite cerebral, felt practically instantly on your very first inhalation. Warm thoughts that spread all through the mind and into your physique. Felt all the way down to the knees. Brings about a minimal energetic affect but with out creating stress or paranoia. The energetic sensation turns into euphoria, and then relaxation throughout the entire bod(from head to toe's). Produces a positive temperament and behavior.

Doesn't cause the munchies and is great for elevating creative imagination. Excellent strain for taking part in a excellent online video sport, or having extended wanders on the beach.

Medical uses: antidepressant, migraine aid, ocular relief, helps belly problems like, IBS and constipation (owing to large stages of THC), ect. Raises spiritual and physical energy amounts, lowers nervousness amounts, will help individuals who undergo attention deficit conditions and bi-polar dysfunctions. Cures nausea and aids with someone's individual fight towards dependency and withdraw. Also assists with autoimmune illness and irritation.

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